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Social Work and Community Studies


The Social Work and Community Studies program provides students with a foundation in social services, case management, and community development. Students will learn about social inequity and community-building through a social justice lens. Sociological theory and research principles will guide critical academic exploration and development, which will be applied to a hands-on practicum internship under the supervision of faculty and professionals in the community.

The degree and certificate in Social Work and Community Studies are designed to prepare students to work in public, private, and nonprofit community service organizations such as social service, educational, correctional, mental health, community development and community health agencies, and programs. The AA degree may also serve as the first level of education in a career ladder leading to a BA in social work, community development, or sociology and then on to advanced study in a variety of graduate programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

  • A.A. in Social Work and Community Studies
  • Social Work and Community Studies Certificate
  • Dean Dennis Lee
  • Department Chair Adrian Chevraux-Fitzhugh
  • Phone (916) 558-2401
  • Email