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College Success

Course Syllabus

General Education / Breadth Application: CSU "Lifelong Understanding" (Area-E)
Associate Degree "Living Skills" (Area-E)

Acceptable for Credit: California State University System
Prerequisites: College Reading & Composition Skills Strongly Advised

Instructor: JIM HINERMAN
Office: RODDA NORTH 150
Hours: By Arrangement Only
Phone With Voice Mail:(916) 558-2779
Email: hinermj@scc.losrios.edu


I am committed to developing self-directed learners who will participate in collaborative groups, think constructively, create quality products, communicate effectively with others, and contribute to their community. I am also committed to developing individuals who can be successful in a world characterized by rapid change, cultural diversity, advancing technology, information overload, demands for quality and a need for service.


College Success is an extended orientation class designed to enhance your opportunity to experience immediate success in college. The primary purpose of the course is to promote academic achievement; however, many of the topics included in the content of College Success are directly applicable to success in careers and in life experiences.


  1. To learn to use the Internet to enhance learning and ultimately college success.
  2. To design a personal time management plan for effective utilization of the student's most valuable resource essential for career & life success.
  3. To study memory techniques critical for the storage and retrieval of information and data.
  4. To learn a system of reading for speed and comprehension (Muscle Reading, SQ4R Reading Method).
  5. To evaluate the Cornell Note taking Method and Mind Mapping as tools for recording lecture notes and summarizing text material.
  6. To develop effective methods of preparing for, taking and learning from the results of exams.
  7. To discover creative techniques for the following:
    a. Research
    b. Writing papers
    c. Preparing and delivering speeches
  8. To explore effective models of oral communication.
  9. To develop methods of designing a personal holistic health plan.
  10. To incorporate campus and community resources in your education plan.
  11. To discover strategies for taking control of your life by setting and achieving meaningful short, medium & long range goals while designing a personal life mission.
  12. To develop self-directed learners, constructive thinkers and effective communicators.
  13. To encourage participation in collaborative groups and to foster team building.


  1. Text:
    Keys to Effective Learning, Third Edition
    by Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop and Sarah Lynn Kravits

    ISBN # 0-13-061877-2

    Printice-Hall, Publisher

  2. 4"x 6" Spiral-bound Note Cards
  3. High lighter Pens (Dark & Light Contrasting Colors)
  4. Portfolio Notebook - 3 ring, 1 1/2" SCC Presentation Binder with Index Dividers (1-10 Tabs)

*Additional educational support materials will be discussed and demonstrated in class; however, they are only recommendations and not required. Because the course is mostly interactive, you will need to use your text during lab assignments in class.


  1. For students to successfully complete their college work, regular class attendance is essential.
  2. Students with clearly defined academic, career and life goals attend class sessions based on their own standards without the external motivation of the college's attendance policy.
  3. College Success is a highly interactive class requiring attendance and active participation. Without each student's thoughtful involvement, the educational experience is diminished for all.
  4. Excessive absence is defined as more than three absences.
  5. Students with more than three absences can still successfully complete the course by submitting a written report. The length and the topic will be mutually agreed upon.

*Please note that the student has the sole responsibility to officially withdraw from this class. Students failing to file the appropriate withdrawal form with SCC Admissions & Records will receive an "F" letter grade on their official transcript.


1.  Class Attendance 100
2.  Student Academic & Career Portfolio 100
3.  5 Quizzes 100
4.  Textbook Exercises + 100
Total Points 400

Grading Scale

360 + =A
320 - 359 =B    280 + = Credit
280 - 319 =C    279 - = No Credit
240 - 279 =D
0 - 239 =F
Credit/No Credit Grading

You may select one course per semester to be graded on a credit or no credit basis. In order to select this grading option, a request form must be filed with the Admission & Records office. The deadline for filing is listed in the current SCC College Schedule or the SCC catalog. It is your responsibility to register for the credit/no credit grading option. You are not required to inform the instructor of your decision. Credit/No credit grading is discussed in greater detail in the SCC Catalog under "Registration".

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