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Activity Schedule
Week Text Chapter Topic Lectures Student Exercise
 1 None Course/Instructor Introduction Syllabus Review
Academic &
Career Portfolio
Student Introductions
 2 Chapter 1 Defining Yourself
& Your Goals
SCC Academic
Campus Orientation
 3 Chapter 2 Goal Setting & Time Mgt. Time Mgt. Tools Time Mgt.
 4 Chapter 3 Self Awareness: Knowing Who You Are and How You Learn Preparing For The New Millennium Self Portrait
Think Link
 5 Chapter 4 Critical & Creative Thinking: Becoming an Active Learner Creativity Group Problem Solving
 6 Chapter 5 Reading & Studying: Your Keys To Knowledge SCC Reading Curriculum Reading & Group Discussion
 7 Chapter 6 Listening & Memory: Taking In & Remembering Information Oral Communication Competency Hone Your Listening Skills
 8 & 9 Chapter 7 Note Taking & Library Research Note Taking Techniques Learning Resource Center Tour
10 Chapter 8 Effective Writing SCC Writing Courses Collaborative Writing
11 Chapter 9 Quantitative Learning SCC Math Curriculum Quantitative
12 Chapter 10 Test Taking Higher Education Overview Study
13 Chapter 11 Relating to Others Certificates & Associate Degrees Conflict Stategies

Activity Schedule
Week Text Chapter Topic Lectures Student Exercise
14 Chapter 12 Managing Career
and Money
CSU Transfer

Work Experience & Internships
Savings Brainstorm
15 & 16 Chapter 13 Moving Ahead: Building A Flexible Future None Actively Dealing
with Stress
17 None Review Review Create Personal
Finals WeekInventory

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