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Appendix C

Sacramento City College
Library and Instructional Media Center
Gift Acceptance Policy

The Library and Instructional Media Center (the Library) receives donations of books and other materials that will enrich the collection.  The Library reserves the right to accept or reject gift items and to then catalog, display, or dispose of these items, as decided by the librarians responsible for selection.  Gifts which are not added to the Library collections may be given to SCC departments or to other libraries or agencies, sold, or discarded. 

The Library follows these criteria in accepting gifts of materials:

1.    Materials will be evaluated for appropriateness and added to the collection only after they have met the same selection criteria as materials which are to be purchased.  Criteria include quality of content, relevance to the curriculum, condition, anticipated use, authorís reputation, comprehension level, favorable reviews, permanence or timeliness, language, and publisher.  The librarians will seek content area faculty evaluation where appropriate.

2.    Materials which are not generally added include:  duplicate copies, except when heavy use indicates a need for a second or replacement copy; older editions of titles already owned by the Library; consumable materials, including workbooks, lab manuals, and tests; outdated titles; marked or worn materials; broken runs of periodicals, unless they would complete an existing run; ephemeral materials; pamphlets; and materials outside the range of the SCC curriculum.

3.    Gifts will not be accepted when the donor requires that they be kept together and not integrated into the whole Library collection. 

4.    With the exception of materials pertaining to the history of SCC, the Library staff cannot accept gifts of old or rare materials requiring protected status.

5.    Gifts generally require more time to process than new materials.  If space and time are not available when a gift is offered, the Library staff may find it necessary to refuse the gift solely on these grounds.  Donors must deliver gift materials to the Library.

6.    Monetary gifts designated for the purchase of certain materials will be accepted provided that the materials meet the Library selection criteria and are appropriate for use in the Library.

Gifts will generally be acknowledged by letter, however the Library will not provide donors with monetary evaluations of gifts. 

August 2000

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