SCC Library Search Widget

This widget allows you to begin a search of SCC's library catalog and a few of its subscription databases without first going to the library home page. It comes in two versions:

All-purpose version

popout icon

To add this widget to any web page, copy the following code. It can only be used with hosts that allow the use of iframes (so, no MySpace).

<div id="scclibwidget" style="border: 1px solid Black; margin: 0 auto; padding: 0 5px; width: 340px; height: 320px; position:relative;"> <div id="popout" style="position: relative; top: 10px; left: 306px; margin-bottom: -16px;"> <a href="" onclick="'','popout','width=340,height=310,scrollbars=no,menubar=no,resizable,toolbar=no,location=no,status'); return false;" title="open widget in a pop-up window" style="cursor:default;"><img src="" alt="popout icon" width="31" height="28" style="border:none;" /></a> </div> <iframe src="" style="margin: -4px" scrolling="no" width="340" frameborder="0" height="306"> <a href="">Library Search Widget</a> </iframe> </div>

Google Gadget Version

This Google Gadget is identical to the all-purpose version in look and function (except that you can't open it in a pop-up window).

Add it to your iGoogle page: Add to Google

Or, customize the Google version and get the code to embed it elsewhere.

Using the Widget in D2L

Courses newly created in Desire2Learn should show the widget in the center panel of the home page by default. With D2L's default settings, the widget will not fit in the side panels. If you adjust the layout of your home page by allotting more space to one of the side panels, you may have more success fitting it.

If you don't see the widget, or you removed it and wish to restore it, look for it in the menu of widgets you see when adding content to your D2L course home page.

Adapting this widget

If you would like to adapt this widget for use at another college, please see instructions at Jeff's blog.

Process for adding widgets to D2L

Did you know you can add all sorts of stuff to your D2L course home page? Here's how to create a custom widget from code you get from Google Gadgets, WidgetBox, etc.
  1. Click "Edit course"
  2. Click "Widgets"
  3. In Manage Widgets, click "New Widget"
  4. Give the Widget a name of your choice
  5. Click the "Content" tab
  6. Click the "Edit HTML Source" icon on the bottom left-hand edge of the editing window HTML Source icon
  7. Select and copy the code you've been given and paste it into the editing window
  8. Click "Update"
  9. Click "Save"

At this point you can go edit your home page layout and add the widget.