Library widget, LRCCD generic edition

Since I created our library search widget I’ve had a few inquiries about adapting it at other campuses. I even feel a little guilty that I “branded” it so much as being from SCC, esp. as I’ve been advocating and hoping for increased collaboration across the colleges. At the same time, part of the widget’s purpose is to drive traffic to our local resources, and in the end I think that has been an important function. So I’ve put together a version that other LRCCD campuses can easily adapt. (With more changes, it could of course be used outside the district too.) I’ve stripped out SCC-centric content, indicated where and how you can replace it with your own, and packed everything up into ZIP archive that includes:

  • all necessary pages, style sheets, images and scripts;
  • a read me file explaining with the widget can do, doesn’t do, and can’t really do;
  • plus a few other things.

So here you go, ready for download:

If you want to use it, please let me know, and I’m happy to help if you’ve got questions!

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