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Division of Humanities and Fine Arts
Chris Iwata, Dean Auditorium 19a
(916) 558-2551

Beth Forester and Jesse Womack, Co-chairs
Phone: (916) 558-2855

Philosophy examines basic questions regarding such topics as the nature of truth, sound reasoning, goodness, beauty, God, justice, and reality.

Philosophy courses apply the insights of different cultural traditions to contemporary life. Diligent study of philosophy will improve one’s critical thinking skills.

Career Options: Teaching; Medical Ethics; Law; Public Service; Religious Service; Publishing; Social Work.


  Full Time

  • Jesse Womack
  • Dr. Elizabeth Forrester
  • Andre Jensen


  • Joe Simmons, Professor emeritus
  • Dr. James Naify
  • Dr. William Geffrey
  • Tom English
  • Richard Ownbey
  • Kurt Roggli
  • C. Bauer
  • J. Carboni
  • R. Crawford
  • N. Diehl
  • J. Poxon

All philosophy department job openings and applications are handled by Los Rios Community College District Human Resources Office