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He Said, She Said
Reviewing Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye is “big brother” on crack or extreme terrorism – the audience doesn't know and neither does the main character...

Pass the Popcorn
Reviewing Role Models
Stunted, working-stiff Danny and perpetual teenage-boy Wheeler have been bad. Real bad.

Photographs and Multimedia

Braille behind bars
Slideshow presentation of the Braille Behind Bars photo essay from the Spring 2008 semester.

World music festival
Multimedia slideshow of City College World Music Festival.


Campus newspaper stolen hours after publication
Fear of gang violence prompts removal of controversial story
Nearly 2,500 copies of the Nov. 20 issue of The Express were returned to newsstands five days after they had been stolen.

Russians share insight with students
Open world visits City Colleges
This year’s theme is social issues and these women, all of them entrepreneurs, are involved in community organizations and social work in their local communities.

Counselor leaves behind memories
Phillips will be most remembered for mentoring students and other individuals at City College, especially black students.


Crowded house
Students weigh the pros and cons of living at home
Home is where the heart is. Actually, home is where your parents are.

Get the stress out
Are students passing the stress test?
This will be a great story, except there is a major problem: a chunk of information is missing. The story will be incomplete.

Motorcycle accident won’t stop him
Motorcycle repair instructor returns to teach in wheelchair
Despite the protection of a helmet and heavy leather jacket, Gallup’s spine was so wrenched that below mid-torso, he was paralyzed.

Textbook prices put students in a bind
ASG meets to discuss cheaper alternatives
Matt Kemmerle, science major, has an opinion that most City College students likely share: He believes textbooks prices are inflated.

Champagne taste on a budget
Turkey treasures
Oh, how I love those leftovers. Hopefully many others had the opportunity to cook a turkey, or at least go to a house and eat their turkey, and leave with a plate of extras.

Let’s rap it up
City College students perform at local coffee shop
They’re on and the entertainment begins. The two hosts laugh and crack jokes as soon as they step on the stage.

Film festival highlights Native American experience
November is when Yuletide spirit perks its head up out of the woodwork and the coming of winter permeates in the air.

Student survey results show trends
Stats reveal new information about City College
City College students are younger than they’ve been in past years and more satisfied with the variety of courses offered on campus.

Students explore race and ethnicity
Wordup Wednesday presented in CAC
The recurring themes of friendship, racism, sex, cultural pride, alcoholism and community were prominent among the theatre troupe.


Not your Average Joe
Joe McGraw talks the talk, walks the walk
He has the type of cocky swagger that you can’t miss even if you wanted to.

Student De’Shawn Clark brings the beat to campus
The warm, natural vibrations of one man’s drum guides blind students safely across Freeport Boulevard, drawing them by ear toward City College’s Quad.

Hair today, gone tomorrow
Her lightning fast hands whirl though the air at astonishing speeds as she begins her work

Here comes the bride
Marriage at young age not to hold down City College student
Ring, ring, ring. Do you hear those bells? Well, of course you do. It’s the sound of Tania Santana’s wedding just around the corner.

More than meets the eye
BFG: Big, friendly guy
A large, tatted-up racially indistinct man in his early 20s sits on a bench. He’s the kind of guy you want with you when walking down K Street at night.

All the world's a stage
Professor Doug Lawson’s plays confront the issues head-on
One person who has chosen to help rid the city of graffiti is Doug Lawson, City College theater arts instructor and children’s theater coordinator.

The sound of silence
Born without a voice, surgery gave Tiffany Cunningham the chance to have her say
Imagine yourself growing up in a world different from others, feeling and knowing that something was different and you just couldn’t point it out.


Editor's Note
Words, stupid words
Yet, you can’t be like Axl Rose and obsess over creating the perfect formulation of the disturbed vision in your head. Life moves on, and so should you.

Rally 'round the flag
Don’t believe what you hear

have lost faith in something pretty important to me in my life, something I think about and do almost everyday I wake up.

Fame, fortune, and homicide
All the fun with none of the risks
Where can you shoot someone without penalty? What about playing professional football anytime you want? Give up?

Lover’s leap
Should you wait to take the plunge?
As the weather grows cold, nothing sounds more appealing than watching a marathon of classic movies in front of a crackling fire.

Beating holiday blues
Ways to stretch that dollar during the $eason
Even though my gift-giving ideas below might not be Prada or Gucci, if you use them, it will be clear you spent time to do some- thing creative to show you care.

On the stolen press run of the Nov. 20 issue
A question was raised about whether this act was a violation of the right to a free press, a fundamental right covered under the First Amendment.


Sideline sulking
SCC teams win big
I would like to take this time to apologize to the wrestling, volleyball and golf teams for the unintentionally lackluster coverage of these sports this semester, as well as congratulate them on their postseason runs.

And in this corner...

City College boxing instructor teaches basic boxing skills
Students seeking to improve their fitness levels this winter might be wise to consider boxing, advises instructor Jerry Sullivan.

Pregame Protocol

Did the football team just show up and hit the field this season? No, it’s not quite that simple.

Athlete to watch
"...She is such an impact player for us, but what makes her stand out is her personality on the court."

City College hosted Butte College for the Nor-Cal Regional II Playoffs in the North Gym on Saturday, Nov. 29. .



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Crowded house

Express Photo//Melissa Rathje

Students weigh the pros and cons of living at home.