Scheduling a test

1. Complete the intake process

Visit our intake page, call 558-2087, or visit our office to learn more. Don’t forget to fill out a service request form at the beginning of each semester, inclusing summer.

2. Contact your instructor

You’ll need an instructor notification letter from our office, which is located in PAC-102. You’ll meet your instructor in person to talk about your accommodations. Do this early in the semester!

3. Set up your test time

  • Call 558-2545 or visit us in PAC2.
  • Tell us whether your instructor will drop off the test.
  • Schedule your test at least three days in advance.
  • If you'll need a scribe, computer, or private room, schedule your test five days in advance.

4. Check your progress

Since both you and your instructor need to complete several steps, it’s important to verify that everything is ready before the date of your test.

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