Service suspension policy

Title 5, Section 56101b of the California Code of Regulations indicate that “a district may adopt a written policy providing for the suspension or termination of DSPS services when a student fails to comply with responsible use of DSPS services, service provision policies and measurable progress policies.

Such policies shall provide for written notice to the student prior to suspension or termination and shall afford the student an opportunity to appeal the decision. Each student shall be given a copy of this policy upon first applying for services from DSPS.”

There are two ways that eligible students may have services suspended by DSPS:

  • Lack of measurable progress
  • Inappropriate use of services

Measurable progress

A lack of measurable progress may be defined in any of the following ways and may result in a complete loss of DSPS services:

  1. Failure to meet academic standards established by the college.
  2. Two consecutive semesters of failure to follow DSPS services policies.
  3. Failure to make progress toward the goals outlined in the Student Educational Contract (SEC) for two consecutive semesters.

Inappropriate use of services

Inappropriate use of services is defined as a failure to comply with the policies and procedures of individual services that students are using. Failure to comply with the terms stated within each specific service area may result in the termination of that service.

  • Only services that have been used inappropriately may be terminated in the middle of a semester.
  • Prior to the termination of a service, the student will be notified in writing that, unless he/she meets with the DRC Coordinator to discuss the area of concern, the service will be automatically terminated one (1) week from the date of the letter. In the meeting the student may present extenuating circumstances.
  • If service is suspended, it will be suspended for the current semester only.
  • Terminated services may be reinstated during the current semester only on the authorization of the DRC Coordinator, and only if there are extenuating circumstances which warrant the reinstatement of the service.
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