Support Services Policy

In order to provide the best services, the DRC has set up responsibilities for students to follow while working with student assistants. They are listed below, and must be followed throughout the semester:

Student responsibilities:

  1. Be on time for your classes. Student assistants will wait only 15 minutes past the start of class and then report your absence to the DRC.
  2. Call the Disability Resource Center at 916-558-2087 before class begins if you will be absent or late so that we can notify your student assistant. Student assistants do not attend class if you are absent.
  3. If you miss two consecutive classes without notifying the Disability Resource Center in advance, your services will be suspended. You will be required to meet with a DRC Counselor in order to reinstate services.
  4. Notify the DRC immediately if you are dropping a class so that services can be cancelled.
  5. Notify the DRC immediately if the student assistant is absent. If you have notetaking services, we can make copies of another student’s notes for you if a substitute notetaker is not available.
  6. Discuss any questions or concerns you have about services with the student assistant and the Disability Resource Center. If you feel that you need an accommodation that is not authorized on your Student Education Contract, please make an appointment to see a DRC Counselor.
  7. For notetaking services, provide your own paper or a notebook to the notetaker unless the DRC is providing NCR paper for shared notes with a student enrolled in your class.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Fong Vang, DRC Student Personnel Assistant

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