Lab policy

What you can expect from the DRC lab

  • You can expect to receive a thorough orientation to the lab, including training.
  • We will provide an environment that allows for learning and growth as a student. Similar access to general use labs and assistive technology.
  • We will keep the lab clean and in working order. You can expect the same experience every visit. We will set up software if you need assistance.
  • The lab and staff are here to provide training on software and hardware. Training can be individual or in a group.
  • The lab will have all of the tools that you need to complete your coursework.
  • During lab hours, you can expect to have access to a computer for school work. We welcome exploration on the computer when the lab is slow.
  • The lab will have a working black and white laser printer installed. Our paper is limited and for office use only.

What the DRC lab expects of you

  • Please bring your referral letter in to schedule an orientation. This is how you gain access to the lab.
  • Respect your fellow students in the lab. Silence your cell phone, use headphones for listening to audio, keep a low voice when talking to others, etc.
  • Leave your workstation the way you found it and bring a flash drive to save work. Avoid visiting questionable web sites that could do harm to our equipment.
  • If you have a detailed question, please schedule time with the Instructional Assistant.
  • If you need a program that is not available, ask us. Do not install programs on machines by yourself.
  • If the lab is full and you are playing, we will ask that you give your computer to someone who has class work to complete.
  • If you have to print for class, bring your own clean paper to print from. No large print jobs will be allowed in any case. Use a copy center or the LRC.
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