Alternate media request

If you have already met with a counselor and received alternate media accommodations, you can request services online. If this is your first time using alternate media services, please complete the intake process.

Personal information

Let us know who you are and how to contact you.

Course information

For what classes are you requesting services?

NOTE: You may only request services for courses in which you are currently enrolled.


Media type

What alternate format do you prefer for your class materials?

NOTE: You may only request formats that have been approved by a counselor.

File formats

What's this?

Large print

Students who are blind or have visual impairments can request that textbooks and other course materials be converted into various large-type formats. Reasonable advance notice is needed.


What's this?


When requested in advance, textbooks and other course materials can be converted into Braille format.


What's this?

Electronic text

Textbooks and other course materials can be converted into various electronic text formats, including Word, plain text, PDF, DAISY, and others. Most e-text is used with assistive computer technology. Call the alternate media office to discuss your specific needs.


What's this?

Audio-formatted text

Conversion of textbooks and other class materials into an audio format, such as MP3 or DAISY. Portable MP3 players are available for checkout from the alternate media department.