Alternate media

At the alternate media department, it's our job to produce your books and other class materials in a format that is accessible for you. We want to finish with your materials before you need them, but in order to meet that goal, we need to hear from you as soon as you enroll in a class. Here's how to get started:

1. Complete the intake process

Visit our intake page, call 558-2087, or visit our office in the DRC to learn more.

2. Make a request

The alternate media request form is available here, but you'll need to meet with a counselor before submitting it for the first time. Call 558-2087 to set up an appointment, or visit during our drop-in hours.

3. Call 558-2113

We'll discuss the best way to meet your needs, and work out a time for you to drop off your materials.

That's it!

Don't go another semester without taking advantage
of this valuable service!