Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Viewing Quizzes is Squirrelly for Instructors

Ahh, the new semester and a refreshed Blackboard. This first week I've had three reports of instructors not able to see quizzes in their classes. "Maybe I'm just imagining that last semester I could see the quiz questions ..." and it seems to me that I've been able to see questions as well. Not now! Gloria Lopez was the second instructor to report this change.

But it is more convoluted that that. Is it a browser issue or an operating issue? Then Bill Doonan called to say (he stumped the Help Desk) and cannot view quizzes in two classes but he can view quizzes in the new course copy we made for this semester! Oh my head aches! Bill tested on his iMac using Safari, in the smart classroom using WindowsXP and Internet Explorer and at home using IE. In my office, using Firefox on both MacMini and Windows XP I could see the questions.

I'll report this change to have other confirm the experience and look for options.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Acrobat request form

We are continuing to receive lots of calls and e-mails about issues with the Bb request form (Acrobat).  We are aware that it is not working for all users.  If you encounter a problem with the form and are unable to submit your request, please contact us as follows:

SCC Blackboard Faculty Support
(916) 650-2726
Alternate phone:
(916) 558-2635

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to streamline this request process for future semesters.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A word about deleting tests and pools

Remember that if a test has been deployed, the deployment link must be removed before the test can be removed from the Test Manager. (You always have had the ability to remove a deployment link, so the presence of extraneous tests does not have to distract students.) Also, if a pool is being used as a source for random blocks of questions in a test, that test must be removed before the pool can be removed from the Pool Manager.

Monday, January 7, 2008

System is up / Delete unwanted test pools - Now through 1/14

Blackboard is back up and available for all faculty.  

As a reminder, the ability to remove (delete) unwanted test pools in Blackboard as been re-activated on a temporary basis.  If you have unwanted test pools in Blackboard, you are encouraged to delete them before January 14, when this function will once again be removed.  As you may be aware, removal of test pools causes system instability in most cases, therefore it is not allowed during the regular semester.  We are providing this brief window so faculty can remove unwanted tests, thereby reducing the overall size of the Blackboard course and making the list of tests and pools easier to manage.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Spring 2008 Bb Request Form - UPDATE

What a way to end the year ... someone changed the URLs on the last working day of the year and then went on vacation. Well it messed up our Bb Acrobat Form big time.

I have revised and tested the form. It is working again. Thank you for your patience! Download the Request Form to your hard drive and use Acrobat Reader to fill out the details.

For the gun shy, try testing with a quick form at I'd recommend this step for Macintosh users.

Use these links to check your requests
Fall 2007 Bb Course List

Requests Submitted to the database (realtime list)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blackboard down for maintenance, 1/4 - 1/8/08

Reminder, Blackboard will be down for maintenance 1/4 – 1/8/08.  (Not even Bb Administrators can access the system during these dates to process course requests.)
Here is the schedule:

Bb OFFLINE to all users January 4-8, 2008
(archive of classes, purge assessment data, delete all enrolled students)
    •    Bb Online for faculty January 8-14, 2008 to delete tests & other course updates
    •    Bb Online for faculty January 15, 2008 (deleting tests is no longer allowed)
    •    Flex Workshops January 16, 17-18, 2008
    •    Begin enrolling students based on submitted requests January 17, 2008
    •    Classes begin January 22, 2008

PLEASE NOTE:  The “Remove” function will be activated in the Test Manager from 1/8 through 1/14.  This is your only opportunity to remove old/unwanted tests and pools from your course!

Course Request Form - problems submitting

SCC Faculty,
We are experiencing issues with the SCC Bb Course Request form.  It is currently unable to submit data when the form is completed.  This is due to a change made by IT staff over the winter break, where the former “www” server was replaced with a new server, and hence the form cannot reference the appropriate script that allows it to submit data.  (You may notice other SCC websites that also have problems connecting to links with the “www” prefix.  Tip: Try replacing the “www” with “wserver” to fix the problem.)

We hope to have this situation resolved soon.