Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Viewing Quizzes is Squirrelly for Instructors

Ahh, the new semester and a refreshed Blackboard. This first week I've had three reports of instructors not able to see quizzes in their classes. "Maybe I'm just imagining that last semester I could see the quiz questions ..." and it seems to me that I've been able to see questions as well. Not now! Gloria Lopez was the second instructor to report this change.

But it is more convoluted that that. Is it a browser issue or an operating issue? Then Bill Doonan called to say (he stumped the Help Desk) and cannot view quizzes in two classes but he can view quizzes in the new course copy we made for this semester! Oh my head aches! Bill tested on his iMac using Safari, in the smart classroom using WindowsXP and Internet Explorer and at home using IE. In my office, using Firefox on both MacMini and Windows XP I could see the questions.

I'll report this change to have other confirm the experience and look for options.