Monday, October 15, 2007

Firefox users - beware of Java update

I advocate Bb users have more than one browser on their computers, and my preferred browser on Windows and Macintosh is Firefox. Here is a tip from Greg Beyrer (CRC) "I updated Java this morning like a good soldier but then discovered that it is taking more than 20 minutes to load the visual textbox editor to post something to a discussion board. I even restarted my computer without making a difference. I then disabled Java 1.6 (leaving Java 1.4) using the Java console control panel and that didn’t help. I even uninstalled Java 6 and it didn’t help. Firefox now works with the old version of Java (1.4) so I’ll stick with that version."

Mid semester - don't mess with success! And, backup your gradebook and take 30 minutes to organize the files on your hard drive to better reflect the organization of your online courses.