Friday, August 17, 2007

Highlight of Urgent Message (posted below)

Dear Deans and Department Chairs,

All district faculty received the notice below regarding Blackboard (Bb). Please note that as the message (posted below) delineates, there are severe restrictions to Blackboard. I have highlighted a few important things you should be aware of and listed a process for contacting our Sac City Blackboard Team.


1. Bb not available for any users from 2 to 6 am everyday
2. Faculty will be blocked from importing package content (.zip file) and we currently have no solutions for this problem
3. Web-Enhanced Faculty are asked NOT to use Assessments e.g., Tests, Quizzes and Surveys (online and hybrid classes can continue to use assessments)
4. Some functions have been blocked from faculty and coordinators

Questions: Faculty have been asked to call their Coordinators for assistance. In order to create better communication between faculty and Melissa and Jory, please ask your faculty to use the following guidelines:

>>General questions and issues calls should be routed to
the Help Desk – 1-866-353-9451
>>To report network or server problems call the same Help Desk

>>When emailing Melissa regarding
using features in Bb
, be sure to use a detailed subject line e.g., “Blackboard Feature Help on ______ “
>>When emailing Jory regarding
missing content, course creation and enrollment
links your subject line should begin “Blackboard Course _________ “

>>For current status and known issues, watch and read our SCC Blackboard Blog at
This blog contains useful information as is always up-to-date.

Rhonda Rios Kravitz
Dean, Library Resources Division